The mission is simple. Love love love!

I believe that candles are an important, peaceful item to brighten your day, promote relaxation and bolster happiness, and nice candles should not cost so much!


The Naked Candle Co. has humble beginnings in my home kitchen where I started making soy candles for myself. I even blended my own scents, like the all-natural and delicious Orange Vanilla Creamsicle candle - a favorite, to move away from artificial scents and chemicals.


My motivation came from wanting to know the contents of the candles I was burning, and I saved a lot of money in the process. This journey was ignited when I gifted candles to friends and family and they wanted more! After hand pouring over 500 candles in my kitchen, I decided to turn this passion into a business that I can share with others. - people who share my values in seeking peace, saving money, leaving a small footprint and promoting clean health.


Candles are not expensive to make, yet often cost $8-$30. The primary goal of Candle Demand is to make candles affordable to every person without compromising on the quality of materials, while promoting wellness and sharing the experience of a beautiful candle.


At The Naked Candle Co., I want to bring more joy to your life and save you money for the important things you need.

For every dollar you spend, a percentage of net proceeds are donated directly to important causes I love and support:

  • Free medical and dental care for S. Pacific islanders.

  • Animal adoption groups in the US.

  • Protecting the wilderness in the Pacific NW.


Know that your purchases helps make a better world for you and for others. :)

Peace and love, love, love to you!

The Naked Candle Co. - Clark


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